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A different kind of Catering......

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buffet shop cafeThe Buffet Shop, Helensburgh seeks to offer its customers the highest quality Delicatessen food produce from around the world.

Getting the content for this website has been difficult. Trying to get Michael or Anna Curley to sit down for a while, to find out about the Buffet Shop, is no easy task.

Anna is either in the kitchen preparing the food for sit in customers, or she is out chatting to the customers, making sure they are enjoying the the meals prepared. She may even be at the computer, updating the menus, or ordering the ingredients that make eating here a delight.

xmas draw at the Buffet ShopMichael is either at the deli counter serving his customers, or preparing fresh deli treats. Often he is checking the latest delivery for quality, or he may simply be chatting to a customer, who seems like an old friend.

That, I guess, sums up the Buffet shop. You are not a customer here, you are a friend. That and the young, energetic staff, serving you what you asked for. There is always time for a smile from a group of people who know the value of good service coupled with the best of produce.

So I won't bother trying to describe the Buffet Shop to you...You have to come and experience it for yourself.

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